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Electric Fireplaces

Offering unparalleled ease of use with instant comfort—electric fireplaces render the sights and sounds of a true burning fire to create a focal point or an accent piece that will make a statement in any room. With ultra-realistic flame patterns and innovative technology developed by hearth experts, electric fireplaces are able to stand next to the organic allure of gas and wood systems. Marx Fireplaces & Lighting carries electric fireplaces from the industry’s top brands, including:

Gas Fireplaces

Offering the look of a wood fireplace with a low-maintenance, hands-free appeal—gas fireplaces provide an easy to use, inviting alternative to traditional wood fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are energy efficient and easy to use, giving you a cozy fire at the flip of a switch. And, adding a gas fireplace to your home can be done quickly and easily! Marx Fireplaces & Lighting carries gas fireplaces from the industry’s top brands, including:

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Offering the rustic and traditional one-of-a-kind look that lasts a lifetime—wood-burning fireplaces create the majestic, inviting living space you’ve always wanted. While wood burning fireplaces inspire thoughts of rustic stonework, Marx has a variety of styles so your wood fireplace can match your home.  Marx Fireplaces & Lighting carries wood-burning fireplaces from the industy’s top brands, including:

Fireplace Accessories

Offering a wide variety of styles to match any decor—fireplace screens, racks and tools can dress up any fireplace appearance or keep your fireplace in tip-top shape. Marx Fireplaces & Lighting carries fireplace accessories from the industry’s top brands, including:

Gas Fireplaces


Wood-Burning Fireplaces