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Outdoor Cooking

Grills & Smokers

Offering the backyard chef or griller-on-the-go the perfect tools to create exciting dishes for friends and family—grills & smokers provide an easy to use, inviting alternative to traditional kitchen-made dishes. Smoke a brisket or pork shoulder low and slow or fire up your grill hot enough to sear true steakhouse-style steak to please your hungry crowd. Whether the kids want burgers or guys are craving ribs, your grill or smoker will always be ready. Marx Fireplaces & Lighting carries grills & smokers from the industry’s top brands, including:

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Offering the ability for you to treat your friends and family to piping-hot pizza—outdoor pizza ovens boast quick cook times, cooking versatility and ease of use. There’s nothing like having your own pizzeria right in your own backyard, but pizza ovens aren’t just for pizza! There are plenty of things you can cook in these wood-fired or gas ovens. We promise you will get plenty of use out of your outdoor oven. Marx Fireplaces & Lighting carries outdoor pizza ovens from the industry’s top brands, including:

Outdoor Kitchens

Offering the perfect space for your guests to mingle and munch, built-in grills and outdoor kitchens are the ideal way to personalize and maximize your outdoor living area. Whether you want a small outdoor kitchen design or one that pulls all the stops, boost the presence of any outdoor space by offering everything a family needs for dining and entertaining. Marx Fireplaces & Lighting carries outdoor kitchen products from the industry’s top brands, including:

BBQ Accessories

Offering the best way to up your grilling game—BBQ accessories provide the proper parts and tools needed to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. From grill covers and bases, to professional grilling tools and upgrade parts, Marx can turn you into the neighborhood grillmaster. Marx Fireplaces & Lighting carries BBQ accessories from the industry’s top brands, including: